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Living with ever expanding scope of diversity and wonder it is effortless to feel alone, unique with respect to our personal challenges and sorrows.   The author however, finds comfort in an unlikely place. 

In an attempt to make sense of challenging life events Wee goes in search of answers.  On one level science tells them happiness is dependent on a complex set of psychological needs, which simply represent our species survival strategy.   On another level however, science draws attention to the intricate and delicate dance of interdependency present amidst the living, as well as the complex molecules upon which the living rely.  It was while interconnecting with this diverse life that Olivus’ realized “we are not alone”.  Olivus’ realized that even our personal challenges and sorrows can be explored carefully revealing a truth. That though our experiences are our own, we are not alone in having felt or in feeling the resulting energy.

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Designed to celebrate the beauty discovered in the truth behind what?; when?; where?; why?; how?


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